A step-by-step Pascal tutorial for beginners.

Advanced Programming Concepts

The idea of this section is to provide you with various articles concerning subjects that haven't been covered in the lessons. The articles covered in the advanced programming concepts is intended for those who have the required basic knowledge of programming in Pascal.

For instance, sorting is a common technique used inevitably in many programs which is used to sort a list of data items in either ascending or descending order. Also, linked lists and stacks and similar data structures are of outmost importance and is necessary to cover them out since they are used quite often. Such data structures are very useful tools which can enlighten your programming skills not just those of Pascal programming. These will be covered for you in as general application as possible, so that you may use them in any of your programs and practice them for your applications and in other languages.

Feel free to go through the following articles and try them yourself and rewrite them in your own way.

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